lundi 19 décembre 2011

A new language inspired by REBOL : World language

REBOL, the programming language created by Carl Sassenrath, has inspired another programming language : World !
Created by John Niclasen (alias Geomol), an active contributor to REBOL (NicomDB, NicomDoc, RebXML, ...).

For more information, visit the Official Web Site :

The source are available at Github :

There's also an Altme group #world to discuss about this new language.


jeudi 14 juillet 2011

New Red/System editor in REBOL !

Francois has made a REBOL editor for Red/System !
You can edit Red/System source, compile it (for Windows, Linux, MacOSX) and run it !

Great job !

To run the editor, you must download Red/System specifications (red-system-specs.txt) and put it into a %docs directory in the REBOL installation directory and just type in REBOL console :



mercredi 13 juillet 2011

First contribution to Cheyenne

Maxim has working on the first module for Cheyenne : web-api.

The source are available here.

The aim of this module is to offer Webservices like functions.

mardi 5 juillet 2011 site updated

Since Red/System has reached beta level, Nenad has working on the improvment of site.
And he did a great job !

We have no 2 new sections : Roadmap and Community (formely Contribution section).

Roadmap is really transparent. No surprise.
The priority of the code backends goes to ARM support (Netduino, Android) and a new one : AVR.
It seems that Nenad is focusing on small electronic system.

The community section presents all communication channel and include now AltME (of course we often say that AltME is darknet, but AltME is so small, so quick, so Rebol, hope that a RedME in the future will happen ;) ).

Nenad is doing a very very great job on Red programming language creation and communication with the community !
We learn about the past errors...


Creator of Red/System at PHP Tour in Lille

Nenad will present his other project Cheyenne Web Server at a PHP community event in Lille (north of France) : PHP Tour Lille 2011.

The event will take place at Euratechnologie in Lille, the 24 and 25th of november 2011.
The Cheyenne presentation will happen the 25th november, 2 pm.


Red/System : beta stage reached !

Just a quick message to congrate Nenad for his work during the past few weeks...

Red/System is now beta !


On Red programming language site, About page has been updated and in Documentation section, we can see that a document about Red memory management is coming soon.


lundi 4 juillet 2011

News from REBOL3 project...

Before today's announcement from Nenad about Red/System, let's take some news from REBOL3 project.
If you're an AltME addict, you're probably already aware of such interesting news from Robert Muench.

"I have some knews regarding R3.
In the last two days I had longer calls with Carl and decided how to move R3 forward. 
This is how it will be done: 
- The RMA team will help to get some burden from Carl's shoulder and work on open issues. This will be setup in that we get partial access to the necessary code parts and can work on these.
- We are going to extend our internal testing infrastructure etc on these new R3 releases and run it against our applications we crate
- Carl and I will have regular calls to discuss the status and things where we need his advise etc. So, to keep the loop closed and gain more speed
- I will meet with Carl in person on 23rd Juli to discuss further things
- Unitil that we want to get most administrative setup done, so that we are ready to go

We are going to drive the priorities by the things RMA needs. This shouldn't be a problem for anyone because if you are going to use R3 for serious development than you will need it as well.

The thing is, that we are not going to jump-start for every requested feature etc. We know there is a lot to do and we will work through it step-by-step. And, this is not because we don't care what you all state here. Definetly not. I want to move R3 forward as fast as possible. This needs concentration, focus and pushing to finally get it done. At the end of the day the only thing that counts is, if we make it to make R3 stable enough for prime time development.

So, stay tuned and I must say that this is the most promising development for a long time.

Let's see if Carl and RMA will make it to deliver on this. Which, still needs to be proofed but I'm not going to stop to push for it.

Some notes:
- We will have an NDA
- Carl didn't lost interest, he is full comitted to R3. His contract work is (still) / was very intense. Things get a bit more relaxed there now.

- I / RMA will be the main communication channel. I have access to Rebol-3 twitter and there exists a RMA twitter.
- We will continue to work on the R3-GUI and release it as we did before (sometimes there might be longer periods of no-release, if we are doing massive changes)
- The main focus will be: fixing bugs, defining and writing down how datatypes are handled WRT conversion, priority, sorting etc." 

(Robert Muench)


mardi 28 juin 2011

Red/System : all features implemented !

Red/System has reached a important level : all specified features are implemented !

The specifications are available on

To achieve this effort, Nenad has made 300 commits (in 3,5 months).
There were also a hundred issue, but 97 are closed !

Great job Nenad !

Topaz : a new project inspired by REBOL !

Topaz is a new project by Gabriele Santilli (this man has working on several REBOL projects).

For the moment at early stage, but it is interresting to follow this project.
And according to TomBon "Topaz is a sillicate based gemstone, with the correct impurities, it could morphe to Topaz Red". Excellent Tom !

The source are available on Github.

And there's also a Try Topaz available online !

For the moment, Topaz bootstraping phase is complete. You can compile into Javascript and run it under node.js

Good Luck Gabriele.


mercredi 25 mai 2011

Since two months...

Hey guys, what happening to Redchronicle's blog ?

You think I was off ? Dead ? That it was another dead blog ?
Not at all. In fact I was working on several projects. Probably, too many projects for a single man...
All related to Red and REBOL.

Now, two months has passed since my last message and Red language creation is really on a good way !
The facts :

  • A complete langage specification for Red/System
  • A documentation for QuickTest framework
  • Several contributions for Red language :
    • 0MQ binding
    • QuickTest framework for Red/System
    • C language binding for Red (work in progress) 
  • Interesting discussions in Red's Google Groups
  • A language creator that uses modern way to communicate (Blogger, Twitter, Github, Google Groups, AltME) and try avoid the "cave mode" phenomenon
  • First Red event in north of France
So, what about RedChronicle's projects ?
I was working on the implementation of some basic console functions for Red/System. Maybe to hard work for me... I've found a very good tutorial about the Console implementation in C++ under Windows.
But no time to finish my poor try.

I was working on a french Wikipedia entry about Red language. You can now read it on french edition of Wikipedia : "Langage de programmation Red". Very long process to reach the final result. Have to battle to keep the page alive. It is a very simple page about Red language. I try to add lots of pictures. Have to work on english translation of it.

I was also working on the preparation of the first Red language event in France (first users group in the World after the presentation of Red language at ReBorCon 2011). This event will take place in Lille (north of France, European Capital of Culture in 2004), the 28th of may 2011.

During this event, Nenad will present Red language for the first time in french. This event will also a REBOL and Cheyenne event. Live tweets on #red_chronicle Twitter. Will try to record a video and post it on YouTube.
Talks about this event on french REBOL forum RebelBB.
Nenad has also post a message on site.

The event will took place at :

Integral Business Service
679 Avenue de la République

the 28th of may 2011 during the afternoon from 2pm to 6pm.

Let's talk about Red language now...
New section on site called Documentation. You can find the TODO list, the Red/System specification and the documentation for QuickTest unit framework written by Peter A.W Wood.

Nenad has also posted a complete overview of Red/System compiler. Very interesting.
The roadmap of Red language creation is on the way.


vendredi 25 mars 2011

Some news...

Here comes a resume of what is happening in Red programmation language creation !

The Official site for Red programming language has been updated !
Nenad adds a :

  • Documentation section : Red/System specification is expected next week
  • Contributions section : first contribution of Kaj de Vos !

The first contributions for Red/System is the implementation of 0MQ in Red programming language.
There's also a REBOL 2 and 3 implementation :

0MQ is flexible messaging subsystem. Messages can be carried from inproc, IPC, TCP and multicast.

A french community site has been launched !

Nenad has improved the preprocessor support, adds a minimal runtime environment, adds cross compilation using -f ELF | PE option.

samedi 12 mars 2011

Red : a quick look at the architecture

I will try to write more deeper articles about Red language.
For the moment, let's focus on Red architecture :

Red architecture overview

At the moment, Red/System Compiler and Linker are written in Rebol.

Let's see the Bootstrapping for Red :

1/ Writting Red/System compiler in Rebol
2/ Writting Red/System linker in Rebol
3/ Writting Red runtime in Red/System
4/ Writting Red static compiler in Rebol
5/ Writting Red standard library in Red
6/ Rewritting Red/System compiler in Red
7/ Rewrittng Red static compiler in Red
8/ Writting a Red JIT compiler in Red

For more information about bootstrapping and chicken and egg problem, you can read article on Wikipedia.

Target Operating Systems are : IA-32, ARM, x64, JVM, CLR

For the moment, the effort are concentrated on IA-32. More information on Wikipedia.


jeudi 10 mars 2011

Red/System : revolution has begun !

First release of Alpha version of Red/System !

Sources are available on Github.

For the moment, it works on Windows : first Hello World in Red !

Rebol/View is required to compile Red language Hello World.

Full message for Red language creator on his blog.

More information to come...

dimanche 6 mars 2011

Video of the Red language announce

Official video of the Red language creation announced at ReBorCon 2011 :



NB: try a message with inline YouTube video.

Official presentation of Red language at ReBorCon2011

The Red language has been officialy presented at ReBorCon 2011 in the Netherlands.
Red language history starts the 26th of february 2011.

Red language is created by DocKimbel an important personnality in the Rebol community.
DocKimbel created Cheyenne a very lightweight WebServer in Rebol.
He also worked on several driver like MySQL, PostgreSQL, LDAP.

All his creation can be found at
FYI is the research and development department of Softinnov company.
Softinnov is a french company based in Paris who provide Rebol based software and solutions.

You can found the presentation at

Video of the presentation during the ReBorCon 2011 can be found on YouTube.

Usefull links :


samedi 5 mars 2011

My blog has started !

I'm starting my blog about programming language creation and more specifically Red programming language creation.

I am following REBOL language since years.
Today, I have the chance to follow the creation of a new language.

On this blog, you will found :

  • news about Red programming language creation
  • articles about programming language and programming language creation
  • interviews of programming language creator

I will publish some news on Twitter feed :