dimanche 6 mars 2011

Official presentation of Red language at ReBorCon2011

The Red language has been officialy presented at ReBorCon 2011 in the Netherlands.
Red language history starts the 26th of february 2011.

Red language is created by DocKimbel an important personnality in the Rebol community.
DocKimbel created Cheyenne a very lightweight WebServer in Rebol.
He also worked on several driver like MySQL, PostgreSQL, LDAP.

All his creation can be found at softinnov.org
FYI softinnov.org is the research and development department of Softinnov company.
Softinnov is a french company based in Paris who provide Rebol based software and solutions.

You can found the presentation at red-lang.org

Video of the presentation during the ReBorCon 2011 can be found on YouTube.

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