vendredi 25 mars 2011

Some news...

Here comes a resume of what is happening in Red programmation language creation !

The Official site for Red programming language has been updated !
Nenad adds a :

  • Documentation section : Red/System specification is expected next week
  • Contributions section : first contribution of Kaj de Vos !

The first contributions for Red/System is the implementation of 0MQ in Red programming language.
There's also a REBOL 2 and 3 implementation :

0MQ is flexible messaging subsystem. Messages can be carried from inproc, IPC, TCP and multicast.

A french community site has been launched !

Nenad has improved the preprocessor support, adds a minimal runtime environment, adds cross compilation using -f ELF | PE option.

samedi 12 mars 2011

Red : a quick look at the architecture

I will try to write more deeper articles about Red language.
For the moment, let's focus on Red architecture :

Red architecture overview

At the moment, Red/System Compiler and Linker are written in Rebol.

Let's see the Bootstrapping for Red :

1/ Writting Red/System compiler in Rebol
2/ Writting Red/System linker in Rebol
3/ Writting Red runtime in Red/System
4/ Writting Red static compiler in Rebol
5/ Writting Red standard library in Red
6/ Rewritting Red/System compiler in Red
7/ Rewrittng Red static compiler in Red
8/ Writting a Red JIT compiler in Red

For more information about bootstrapping and chicken and egg problem, you can read article on Wikipedia.

Target Operating Systems are : IA-32, ARM, x64, JVM, CLR

For the moment, the effort are concentrated on IA-32. More information on Wikipedia.


jeudi 10 mars 2011

Red/System : revolution has begun !

First release of Alpha version of Red/System !

Sources are available on Github.

For the moment, it works on Windows : first Hello World in Red !

Rebol/View is required to compile Red language Hello World.

Full message for Red language creator on his blog.

More information to come...

dimanche 6 mars 2011

Video of the Red language announce

Official video of the Red language creation announced at ReBorCon 2011 :



NB: try a message with inline YouTube video.

Official presentation of Red language at ReBorCon2011

The Red language has been officialy presented at ReBorCon 2011 in the Netherlands.
Red language history starts the 26th of february 2011.

Red language is created by DocKimbel an important personnality in the Rebol community.
DocKimbel created Cheyenne a very lightweight WebServer in Rebol.
He also worked on several driver like MySQL, PostgreSQL, LDAP.

All his creation can be found at
FYI is the research and development department of Softinnov company.
Softinnov is a french company based in Paris who provide Rebol based software and solutions.

You can found the presentation at

Video of the presentation during the ReBorCon 2011 can be found on YouTube.

Usefull links :


samedi 5 mars 2011

My blog has started !

I'm starting my blog about programming language creation and more specifically Red programming language creation.

I am following REBOL language since years.
Today, I have the chance to follow the creation of a new language.

On this blog, you will found :

  • news about Red programming language creation
  • articles about programming language and programming language creation
  • interviews of programming language creator

I will publish some news on Twitter feed :