mardi 5 juillet 2011 site updated

Since Red/System has reached beta level, Nenad has working on the improvment of site.
And he did a great job !

We have no 2 new sections : Roadmap and Community (formely Contribution section).

Roadmap is really transparent. No surprise.
The priority of the code backends goes to ARM support (Netduino, Android) and a new one : AVR.
It seems that Nenad is focusing on small electronic system.

The community section presents all communication channel and include now AltME (of course we often say that AltME is darknet, but AltME is so small, so quick, so Rebol, hope that a RedME in the future will happen ;) ).

Nenad is doing a very very great job on Red programming language creation and communication with the community !
We learn about the past errors...


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